Where can you Find the Best Jets for Rental?

As you may already know, having a charter jet to take you all over the world can be costly. However, if you really want to fulfil that dream, then it’s better for you to rent a jet instead of buying and owning one.

Is Renting a Luxury Jet a Good Idea?

How do you follow up when you’ve just bought your GF a $300k Rolls-Royce? According to Floyd Mayweather you get her something much more fly … as in something that actually flies.

Money and his chick “Bad” Medina were out in L.A. on Thursday when Floyd — the top money earner in all of sports — told us what Medina can expect the next time he’s in a giving mood.

For the record, a Gulfstream G650 (aka a G6) … reportedly retails for about $56 MILLION.

In other words, that’s half-a-year’s pay for Mayweather.

Bottom line — he can afford it.

Whatever you do, remember you can rent a jet instead of buying it. Wether you live in the US or in Europe, you can rent a private luxury jet to prevent you from hassles at the airport.

She is known for her zany and revealing outfits. And on Friday, Lady Gaga’s white ensemble with plunging neckline was no exception.

But the pop diva didn’t seem to care that her outfit was perhaps not best suited for taking a sneaky selfie. As when she extended her arm to take the snap, her top gaped open to reveal pretty much the entirety of her right breast.

And never one to shy away from flashing the flesh, the 28-year-old happily shared the risque shot with her 3.9 million followers regardless.